Shomokh-Alezz co .ltd

Architectural , civil , mechanical

Electrical , instrumentation, import & export

Services :

having executed a lots of projects throughout Iraqi oil fields

developed our basic capabilities

infrastructure facilities enriched our company with expertise and

wide range of contracting solutions

for the construction industry

Providing the best solutions

Civil work

SECC  have many projects of civil works :

  • concrete works .

  • paving and  roads construction .

  • buildings construction .

  • infrastructure facilities  .

Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation

SECC have all staffs , tools and equipments of mechanical & instrumentation works :

  • side booms  .

  • welding machines .

  •  PWHT tools .

  • CP Tools.

  • Hydrotest Test tools .

  • Internal/External line up Clamps .

  • Bending Machine.

  • QA/QC tools  .

Import and Export

SECC have high experience in  import and  export works  :

  • Equipments ( excavators , wheel loaders , compactors , graders ,bulldozers , front loaders, Cranes  and side booms )  .

  • portable plants (asphalt plants , crusher plants and  sand plants ) .

  • all types of pipes (oil and water ).

  • HDPE liner .

Some of our projects

       Shomokh Al ezz Contracting Company (SECC) founded in Iraq on 2006 providing wide range of contracting solutions, having executed a lots of projects throughout Iraqi oil fields and infrastructure facilities enriched our company with expertise and developed our basic capabilities


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About Us

 Our Message To Our Clients. Behind Our, Success Is Pioneers Spirit That Has Driven Us To Journey Into Many Territories Remains Deeply Embedded In Our DNA. For The Past 12 Years, SECC Has Lived With Great Passion. Based On Our Solid Business Portfolio, SICC Has Delivered Quality Services In All Our Operations. We Keep A Close Watch On Changing Market Trends To Identify New Growth Engines. Furthermore, We Are Committed To Achieving Innovation And Technology Excellence, Which Will Give Us A Strong Competitive Edge In The Market And Help Us Take Our Next Great Leap Forward. We Welcome You To Go Through Our Profile To Take A Look On Our Structure And Provided Services.

  • Horizontal direction drilling (HDD)

    Pipe can be made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, ductile iron, and steel as long as it can be pulled through the drilled hole. Directional boring is not practical if there are voids in the rock or incomplete layers of rock. The best material is solid rock or sedimentary material. Soils with cobblestone are not recommended. There are different types of heads used in the pilot-hole process, and they depend on the geological material.

  • Environmental Solutions


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